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All about the popular Blam fanfictions: A new Reality in Direction and Walk of Fame. Written by Shane Hardy.

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These stories about both written by the ever popular, Shane Hardy. Starting with chapter one of ANRID which was posted on June 17th 2012, and the 70th and final chapter of ANRID, published on May 8th 2013. The sequel to ANRID was entitled as Walk Of Fame. The first chapter of WOF was posted on July 7th 2013, putting an end to the 2 months hiatus. 

The sequel was first announced in chapter 65: Prom. A note at the end of the chapter read; There are only five more chapters until the end of this story. I'd love for you to review and tell me what you think. As we get closer to the end that is actually really important to me because I want to tie up the stories that are most important to you.

Plus, I thought I would announce that I am going to write a sequel that I'll start sometime during the summer. I hope everyone will continue this journey with me there.

You are all amazing and your support for this story and my ideas have meant the world to me. I can never thank you enough!

The story of ANRID has recieved 189 favorites, 213 follows, and 817 reviews.. And counting. Please enjoy this wikia dedicated to the stories created by Shane Hardy. 

So lets start here, the plot. When Mercedes leaves Sam behind to start her career, and Kurt leaves Blaine behind to pursue his dream, the two boys reach out to each other for a new friendship. But how serious will that friendship be and will one of them discover something about himself he ever knew before.

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